Cryptocurrency Prediction shows raise of market value to $1 trillion

The current cumulative market cap of all the cryptocurrency is currently is around $ 417 billion. Before the recent downturn, it was around $ 800 billion. Thus, even if the cumulative market cap is able to rise just 25% from the peak, it would be able to hit the valuation of $ 1 trillion.

The main problem in the growth of cryptocurrencies is the regulatory concern. If the regulatory concerns are not tackled soon, the number of traders, as well as investors in cryptocurrencies, would go on decreasing. This is the reason why proper regulatory framework, as well as trading mechanisms, need to be involved.

Many of the governments and authorities all over the world are working on it. However, it is important for the authorities to go ahead and create a framework soon so that the traders are able to easily invest.

Regulating ICO’s:

ICO’s bring in fresh capital to the cryptocurrency marketplace. This is the reason why any regulations on the ICO would not only make the process much more transparent but also make the ICOs much more valuable. Once the ICO’s get the approval, they would be valued higher as they would fulfill all the regulatory requirements as well. This is the reason why once a proper framework is in place, ICO market would be able to add more value to the cryptocurrency space. source: CNBC

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In the meantime, it remains to be seen whether the bottom which currently looks to be in its place is the actual bottom or not. Most of the cryptocurrencies have already bounced sharply from these bottom levels in the last couple of weeks. If the momentum is supportive and the negative news reduces, most of the cryptocurrencies would rise significantly in the near future. This is positive news for most of the cryptocurrency holders as many of them have been trapped since the recent bear market in cryptocurrencies.

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